Modern ukiyo-e artist “Ono Tako” who draws from Japanese style to Western style and Kyoto Yuzen design drawing “Draft”. Depicts the strange resonance of ukiyo-e and traditional performing arts.

Illustration | 2022.12.12

Text by Hinata official

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Ms. Tako Ono, a contemporary ukiyo-e artist who draws not only oriental designs, but also characters with gorgeous western costumes in an ukiyo-e style.
Ms. Tako Ono, who coexists various elements such as Japanese and Western, modern and past, in a beautiful balance, will share her thoughts on creation and feelings about Kyo Yuzen in creating a collaboration work with the traditional craft “Kyo Yuzen” at HINATA. I interviewed her.

Drawing a unique view of the world called “Ukiyo-e style”

―― Thank you for participating in the “HINATA” Kyo Yuzen collaboration project.

[Tako Ono]
Nice to meet you! My name is Tako Ono, and I mainly draw Japanese-style illustrations of people and manga.
I’m originally an otaku who likes games, manga, and anime, but since around 2018, I’ve been getting commercial work as a result of my fan art.
Since my main business has nothing to do with painting, I am working on creative work in my spare time.
Basically, I publish my hobby creations on SNS, and in between, I draw as a job. The activity base is Twitter.

I was fascinated by the soft, idealistic oriental lines

―― The first work I saw by Ms. Tako Ono was a fan art of a game work, but the characters without Japanese elements such as Western clothes and armor are also very beautiful “Ukiyo-e”. It was shocking.

[Tako Ono]
I have always liked the oriental soft and beautiful “lines” of ukiyo-e prints and Buddhist statues.
I also admired animation drawing because of the beauty of lines, so naturally I started to stick to lines when I drew.
However, for a long time, I didn’t pay attention to the Japanese style, and thought that I should draw convincing lines and human bodies, so my style was completely different from the current ukiyo-e style.
However, before I knew it, I began to worry about the lack of individuality in my designs.

―― It’s was so. What made you change your style?

[Tako Ono]
I got hooked on a social game around 2017.
The number and quality of the fan art of that game was amazing, and at the same time, I came to have a strong admiration for the individuality of each work.

Actually, about 10 years ago, I posted my first Japanese-style Hatsune Miku fan art, but there didn’t seem to be much demand for it at the time, so I stopped drawing immediately.
When I suddenly remembered that, a character with a deep connection to ukiyo-e appeared in my favorite social game. I have to draw this! So I posted an ukiyo-e-style fan art that I drew with a feeling that was somehow ingrained in me.

―― So the sensibility you have cultivated has finally been recognized!
   I think he must have been even more happy because he was away from Japanese-style works for a while.

[Tako Ono]
To be honest, I would be happy if I could get a reaction, but on the other hand, I think that the style of painting that I have continued is easy for me to draw.
Also, even if the motif is not Japanese, I just learned from your impression that it doesn’t feel out of place, so I actually drew it without thinking too much about it. (Laughs) For otaku, the original work is supreme, so if the character is wearing western clothes or armor, I want to draw it as it is.

Creating a work with a draft as the main role

Kyoto Yuzen Draft × Tako Ono Collaboration Work “Yumeji in Spring -Yo-”

―― The collaboration work is an illustration of a gorgeous kimono, how did you expand the design and concept?

[Tako Ono]
When I saw a huge number of drafts of Kyo Yuzen that I could use, I first thought of using it for the pattern of what a woman is wearing.
When I asked him to show me some more drafts, I saw “Bridges and Flowers” and it was so wonderful that I used it as a background and incorporated it into the women’s clothes in a way that blends in with the background. I made it
So, personally, I’m going to lay out the background so that the eyes are more focused than the characters.

―― So you assembled the work based on the background draft.

[Tako Ono]
The reason I chose the patterns of “Bridge and Flowers” and “Chrysanthemum” is because I love painting flowers. I usually try to draw flowers when I feel that something is missing in my paintings. (Laughs) 
The draft I borrowed this time has a lot of spring flowers drawn, so I tried to make the colors light, bright, and warm.

Kyo-Yuzen and Ukiyo-e, contemporary culture of the same era

Drafts used in collaborative works

―― I heard that you like soft oriental lines, and many of your drafts are also drawn with gentle lines. Did you feel anything in drawing ukiyo-e based on the draft?

[Tako Ono]
There were already many of them! (Laughs)
When I saw the details of the draft for use in the work and realized the beauty of the lines, I was fascinated. During production, I should be concentrating on my drawing, but I think I spent a lot of time just looking at the draft.
In modern times, both digital and hand-drawn have become familiar, but I believe that there is nothing better than hand-drawn when aiming for a classic style.
Because correction is not allowed even if it fails, the weight put into each stroke is different. I wanted to see the craftsmanship that I couldn’t match, if possible, up close.

―― There is a beauty and texture unique to hand-drawn line drawings, which is completely different from the finished Kyo-Yuzen.

[Tako Ono]
Regarding the word “beauty”, I drew this work with the hope that it would be possible to summarize universal beauty that will not change even in the era of Reiwa in one piece. rice field. That is the reason why I dared to modernize my kimono and hairstyle.
I believe that ukiyo-e is a good fusion of everyday life and the ideal image that people envision, so I would be happy if you could feel the “history”, “now” and “ideal” from this work.

―― Kyo-Yuzen and ukiyo-e are both cultures of the Edo period, but by depicting them as modern values, you can feel the depth of history.

Future activities

―― Do you have any plans to release NFT works in the future?

[Tako Ono]
I’ve come to see and hear the word NFT a lot, but if it wasn’t for this offer, I might not have taken on the challenge.
So I would like to thank you for giving me this opportunity. However, I’m still studying NFT, so I hope I can consider it while watching the situation after release!

Also, regarding my future activities, I would like to work with a loose stance of drawing when I want to, while trying to balance my work with my main business.
As an illustrator Tako Ono, I will continue to create works with Japanese style as the main axis, but I will continue to create works with various patterns, media, and shapes without narrowing down to one.
Also, until now, I have often drawn people’s characters, and I am keenly aware that I have been spoiled by that, so I am aiming to increase my original work such as character design and become mentally independent as a creator.

―― We are looking forward to seeing you again at HINATA! thank you very much!

Ono Tako 《Yumeji in Spring》

Bringing the traditional beauty of Kyo-Yuzen to the present and the future. “KYO “NEXT” YUZEN” Project

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 The “KYO “NEXT” YUZEN” project converts “drafts” created as Kyo-Yuzen design drawings into digital data, converts them into NFT and sells them, thereby preserving the traditional design of Kyo-Yuzen and looking to the future. intended to convey.
 In addition, we actively create new imaginations by combining contemporary artists and creators of each genre with the traditional craft of Kyo Yuzen.

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Tako Ono

I have a lot of hobbies, and since around 2018, I have been doing a little illustration and manga work as a side job.

Mainly Japanese style, but I can draw anything.

Twitter is the activity base.




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