Kyoto Yuzen design drawing “Draft” x Moe illustrator who loves traditional culture “Omelette Tomato”. Exploring the infinite possibilities of “traditional culture x moe”.

Illustration | 2022.12.10

Text by Hinata official

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 Mr. Omelette Tomato is an illustrator who is active in many fields, such as working on the design products of major companies and character illustrations for games.
 Modern Moe culture represented by doujinshi and traditional culture “Kyo Yuzen”. How did the fusion of these two cultural contents, which seem to be polar opposites, take place?

Creation that “character expresses itself” instead of himself

―― Thank you for participating in the “HINATA” Kyo Yuzen collaboration project.

[Omelet tomato]
Thank you very much for your kind words!

And everyone, nice to meet you Nice to meet you…! My name is Omelette Tomato.
I once got a job at a general company, but I couldn’t give up on my childhood dream of becoming an illustrator, so I quit after about two years.

Currently, I draw a variety of beautiful girls, from things that incorporate ethnic cultural designs to animal ears that are unique to two dimensions.
In addition to protecting the body, I am attracted to lingerie with a high design that makes me feel better than ordinary clothes, and I am also creating original characters who wear them and express themselves vividly.

―― It’s interesting that the characters, not the illustrators, express themselves.
   The genre that you are good at is “moe illustration”.

[Omelet tomato]
The anime, manga, and games I watched since I was little have a big influence on me.
I especially liked the works for girls. Fluffy and cute, but energetic enough to transform and fight! The place is cute and cool.
Perhaps, I still continue to throw my strong admiration for 2D into my paintings.

―― Certainly, there are a lot of cute and cool girls in your illustrations!
   Are there any points that you emphasize when drawing attractive girls?

[Omelet tomato]
Well, there are various things …!
Rather than sticking to the correct shape, I pay attention to the balance of the human body so that there is no sense of incongruity in the composition and the size and position of the parts.
Also, especially the eyes and hair…!
Depending on the direction I want to complete the eyes, I decide whether or not to write in the eyes.
If the hair has a lot of hair, I make it fly quickly, and if I want it to flutter in the wind, I make it shiny and thin.

Japanese culture lives deeply in modern Moe illustrations

―― I heard that the creative theme of the collaboration illustration is “traditional culture”, but I feel that one illustration is packed with various elements.

[Omelette tomato]
It sure is packed with various things …!
However, I was careful about the ease of communication.

First of all, the composition is based on the national treasure “Mikaeri Bijinzu”, and I am conscious of cutting out the moment that catches my eye. Also, since the origin of Kyo-Yuzen can be traced back to Yuzensai Miyazaki, a fan painter, I decided that I would definitely like to include a folding fan as well.

In the background, I wanted to express the nature of the Japanese-style deformed rivers and mountains, so I chose sketches that depict nature, starting with chrysanthemums. In particular, I thought that “bamboo” would be perfect because it could represent traditions such as “New Year’s Day” for the sunrise and “Kaguya-hime” for the moon. Finally, I drew a sky that changes its expression depending on the time, as I want you to think about the scenery that makes you feel nostalgic.

―― I’m surprised that there was even a reason for the folding fan!
   I personally think that the background design, which is reminiscent of paper cutouts, is also very Japanese, but was this kind of composition fixed from the beginning?

[Omelette tomato]
No, not really.
First of all, I started by exploring what is the appeal of “Kyo-Yuzen” and “Moe-chara (two-dimensional beautiful girls)” that many people feel.
I believe that “Kyo-Yuzen” is an element that attracts many people with gorgeous patterns, gold and embroidery, and elegant designs.
On the other hand, one of the appeals of “moe characters” is their deformed body parts and smooth skin, which many people find ideal.
Then, how about combining the charm of “Kyo-Yuzen” and “Moe-chara”?
Since kimonos are worn by people, even if two-dimensional beautiful girls were put together, they would feel right at home.

―― If you have any other behind-the-scenes stories while drawing something, please let us know!

[Omelet tomato]
Well, speaking of the inside story… At first, I was thinking of a “kawaii kimono idea” decorated with ribbons, frills, and modern accessories (laughs)
. I did, but I want to challenge myself with another work…!

I’ve said a lot, but I think that the feeling of “traditional culture” that is included in the painting is strong.
I hope you can feel the harmony of “Japanese scene” x “Kyoto Yuzen” x “Moe” from this one piece.

As an illustrator, I feel a sense of crisis about traditional culture becoming a distant existence.

―― Mr. Omelette Tomato, who loves such traditional culture and Japanese culture, what did you feel when you saw the draft of Kyo Yuzen this time?

[Omelet tomato]
I have been interested in Japanese clothing and traditional culture since I was a child, because I was good at reading comics about great people and history. So, I thought that he touched on a lot of designs such as Japanese clothing, but when I saw the draft, I couldn’t help but admire the very detailed patterns.
At the same time, I was mysteriously jealous of the craftsmanship as a creator (laughs).

I would like to talk about it from a subjective point of view, but in traditional Japanese culture, there are various fields, including Kyoto Yuzen, where there are “eight million gods” (a belief that all things have a soul), “four seasons”, and “ I think that the fear of “nature” such as natural disasters is deeply involved. I am fascinated by the fact that while respecting nature, it incorporates trends and remains in modern times.

At the same time, however, it would be a shame not to draw a world-class culture that continues from the past to the present. And as an illustrator, I have a sense of crisis.
However, even though I say so, I’m stuck on my computer every day, and I’m just being chased by my life.
That’s why I feel very lucky to have the opportunity to touch the real thing like this time.

―― Something that you were worried about on a daily basis and this project happened to coincide with each other.

[Omelette tomato]
That’s true…!
It’s a busy time, so aren’t you all in the same way?
Taking this opportunity, I would be happy if I could pass it on to many people and NFT so that we can reaffirm the value of culture together.

Future activities

―― Finally, do you have any plans to release NFT works in the future?

[Omelette tomato]
NFT that can be seen as a “work” including the thoughts and explanations put into the picture is very attractive to me.
It’s also interesting to be able to take a different approach from SNS, which consumes a lot of sympathy that can be understood at a glance, so I have a strong desire to continue.

Also, I feel that “traditional culture” x “moe” has great potential for evolution, so I would like to dig deeper into my own creative activities.

―― Finally, do you have any plans to release NFT works in the future? thank you very much!

Omelette Tomato 《Reiwa Mikaeri Bijin no Zu》

Bringing the traditional beauty of Kyo-Yuzen to the present and the future. “KYO “NEXT” YUZEN” Project

 “HINATA” is promoting the “KYO “NEXT” YUZEN” project launched together with Sekiya Dyeing Co., Ltd.
 The “KYO “NEXT” YUZEN” project converts “drafts” created as Kyo-Yuzen design drawings into digital data, converts them into NFT and sells them, thereby preserving the traditional design of Kyo-Yuzen and looking to the future. intended to convey.
 In addition, we actively create new imaginations by combining contemporary artists and creators of each genre with the traditional craft of Kyo Yuzen.

 KYO “NEXT” YUZEN https://www.official.hinata-nft.com/sekiya-sensyoku/

 We welcome artists and creators of any genre, such as illustrators, photographers, calligraphers, and designers.
 We are waiting for your new imagination to draw with Kyo Yuzen!

 Contact: info@hinata-nft.com

omelet tomato

Active in character-based illustrations, focusing on corporate projects

I am working hard every day to create character designs and illustrations that are cuter than any of the other drawings and that are full of originality.

Achievements: MAHA5JAPAN “Otonari Mocha” / pixiv Nijisanji Art Book / DMMGAMES / Dengeki Moeoh / Melonbooks Series / VTuber Office Re:AcT TCG etc.



omelet tomato


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