【AI×Illustrators】To a New Creative Form 

Illustration | 2022.07.07

Text by Hinata official

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A completely new form of illustrator unit “AiShe (aiʃi:)” and “AiHis (aihiz)”, that is a collaboration between illustration generation AI and creators.   

We asked them about their efforts and ideas through interviews. 

A New Concept of 2.5-Dimensional Illustrators 

Thank you for coming to the interview. Can you first introduce yourself? 

I’m a 2.5-dimensional illustrator “AiHis”. 

I have a connection with the person who makes the illustration generation AI, and I am here because I was invited to do a new creation to rewrite the image made by AI. 

I’m a 2.5-dimensional illustrator “AiShe”. 

I’m just a person who draws as a hobby・・・so I honestly don’t have a background that I can talk about as a self-introduction. (bitter smile)

There is already a lot of information and we are wondering where to ask a question, but first of all, what is a 2.5-dimensional illustrator? 

I named it arbitrarily (lol). 

When you think of “2.5 dimensions”, you might think of cartoons, anime stages, Vtubers, etc., but for us, “If 2D AI and 3D we come together, the middle point is 2.5D.” I feel like that.  

If we had the Vtuber feature built in, would we be 2.25 dimensional illustrators? 

Yes, we’re getting closer to the two-dimensional side (lol). 


Aiming for a World Created with AI 

The word we are interested in has come out. What does it mean to “walk up to AI”? 

Well, it’s the concept of our activities. 

It’s very rude to AI creators, but illustration generation AI is quite incomplete …. It’s a little hard to say, but most of the time, its face collapses and its body becomes distorted. You can barely understand what the image of AI was! I feel  like that. 

I see.
I’ve seen some works, but it seems that there is a big difference between what is in order and what is not in order in the work…

There are many works “that you should be careful about when browsing”. If you see it in your dream, you’ll jump up. (bitter smile) 

On the other hand, when it comes to clothing design and background depiction, it produces outstandingly interesting and beautiful ones. Of course, first-class illustrators can imagine … At least, there are many imaginations that do not come out of people who draw pictures as a hobby like us.
So, AI creates a design that is not bound by preconceived ideas, and we take “what AI wanted to draw” and shape it. ・・・ I think this is what it means for each other to come closer. 

It’s a rude story, but couldn’t you hide AI and insist on your own? 

AI won’t complain no matter how we handle it, so of course it is possible. 

However, although it is my creation to appeal to the feelings of others and to throw my thoughts, I feel that I have no fixed foothold when I act on my own without thinking about the feelings of AI.

However, it is not possible to publish the AI’s original pictures side by side because, as AiHis said, there are quite a few works “that you should be careful about when browsing” and some viewers feel uncomfortable. 
So, I put “AI” in the name as a proof that AI is also the creator of the same work. 

I see.  AI is also just one creator, isn’t it? 

Both are inexperienced. AI and us too. 

Even if we are inexperienced, if we make up for what we are good at, we can create works that have never been born before. 

I feel like I’m getting better (lol). 

I feel the same (lol). 

But I think it’s okay. 
Isn’t the pain of creation the pleasure of creation? Many people think that, and that’s why I think that some people say that operation by AI is a bad idea. But if the pain of creation is so heavy that it’s no longer fun to draw, I think it’s a waste. Especially if you are a person who draws pictures as a hobby like us, not all people will face the creation directly. 
At that time, if you can overcome the suffering and get new inspiration with the help of AI, it seems that the existence of AI will be positive. 

With AI, there is a possibility that creativity on the human side will evolve one step further. 

That’s right. 

So, I think it would be nice to have a world where everyone can easily create with various AI, just like a companion. 

Knowing AI, You Know the Strength of Human Beings

By listening to the story so far, it has been understood that the two are aiming for a coexistence and co-prosperity relationship with AI. 

However, many creators may be worried that the evolution of AI will rob them of their jobs.

I thought the same way until I actually saw it. 

In the first place, we are not proper illustrators (lol). 

But even if the AI we’re using now grows, I think it’s difficult to say that a phenomenon that surpasses human creativity will occur. 


Well, I feel like that…
Even if the facial collapse and distortion that are happening now are gone, I don’t think AI will beat human illustrations. 
If the score of the work of a first-class illustrator is 10, I feel that the AI illustration seems to settle down to about 7 or 8. The usage of colors is very beautiful, and the background that takes time is created in an instant, but it’s just in order. 

In modern terms, I can’t feel “emosa” or nostalgia for the work. 

In fact, there are some top-notch illustrators whom we say, “The writing isn’t great or well-organized, but it’s nice.” The characteristic comes from hand habits when drawing pictures, the lie of the drawing (※exaggerating intentionally for the production) is very good, “kuzushi” is good ・・・ Such lively sensibilities and individuality are the best after all.
Therefore, no matter how well AI draws, I think it won’t happen to replace the creator. 

Also, regarding characters, AI has an unstable style of painting. 

Creators can design different faces with the same style. On the other hand, AI does not design in the same style, so it may be quite fatal in establishing individuality as a creator. 

That is certainly true. 

So, after all, human beings are the strongest (lol), which is our conclusion when we actually worked with AI. 

As a Pioneer 

Finally, do you have any prospects for the future?  

As for AI, we only borrow it, so I can’t say much, but I plan to make works mainly dealing with characters, and AiHis will make works dealing with dinosaurs and robots. 

Perhaps, in the future, background-only or AI illustrations may be sold as they are without any modification. 

Our works are OK for commercial use, so if you have a favorite work, please use it.   If such demand rises, more AI development may progress and more interesting collaborations may be born.
In any case, it is still an unknown field, so I would like to continue my activities leisurely as a pioneer of the new concept of 2.5-dimensional illustrators. 

Thank you very much. We are looking forward to future activities. 

AiHis & AiShe

AI + humans, a new type of “2.5 dimensional” illustrator unit.
This profile image is also by AI. 

AiHis(aihiz), that mainly focuses on romantic illustrations such as dinosaurs and conceptual art (personal talk), AiShe(aiʃi:), that mainly features characters, and illustration generation AI that continues to grow day by day. 

They will create works by providing the abilities that each of them is good at. 

Currently, the first goal is to give a name to illustration generation AI. 


AiHis / AiShe


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