[Aged sake x NFT] Aged sake NFT is now available!

Food | 2023.08.31

Text by Hinata official

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What is aged sake NFT?

 Did you know that the popularity of Japanese sake is currently skyrocketing all over the world?
 While domestic consumption in Japan peaked in the 1990s and early 2000s, it has declined sharply, while the value of exports has jumped from 8.5 billion yen in 2010 to about 47.5 billion yen in 2022, more than 5.5 times. This shows the high level of attention it receives from around the world.

 Aged sake, which became NFT this time, is also one of the genres of sake. Like wine and whisky, aging for a long time not only changes the taste, aroma, and color, but also promotes the binding of alcohol, which is why it is said to be a drink that doesn’t cause you to get sick or a hangover. . These alcoholic beverages have the characteristic that if you hold them for a long period of time, you can enjoy the changes and their value will increase.
 Each sake brewery carefully selects sake whose flavor changes over time and offers them as aged sake NFT. The actual alcohol is managed by the sake brewery that issued the NFT in a dedicated storage facility, and the NFT owner has the right to exchange it for real alcohol at any time.

 By owning an aged sake NFT, each holder can help shape the brand image of sake itself, and also help spread Japanese culture to the world.

Aged sake NFT details

Official website https://agedsake-nft.com/


・You can own aged sake without having to store and manage the actual alcohol yourself (maximum storage period is set).
・If you redeem the vested sake, you can get the real aged sake only once per 1NFT.
・Secondary distribution of NFT is also planned.

<What is the vesting date and time>

 Since the purpose is to enjoy owning aged sake, which increases in depth and value over time, the right to exchange it for actual sake is granted only once a year. Only those who hold NFTs at the vesting date and time can request redemption until the vesting date and time of the following year.
 Please note that even if you own the NFT at the right date and time and have the right to exchange it, if you have given up the NFT through secondary distribution etc. at the time of the exchange request, you will not be able to exchange it.
 In other words, the conditions for being able to exchange for aged sake are those who hold the relevant NFT at both the [rights vesting date and time] and [at the time of request for exchange].

Please note that the following cases cannot be exchanged for the actual product.

・The applicable NFT will be listed in secondary distribution before the rights vesting date and time, the sale will be completed, and it will be released.
・I held the relevant NFT at the date and time when the rights were vested, but before I requested the exchange, the item was listed and sold through secondary distribution, and I gave it up.
・Purchased NFT through secondary distribution from a person who held the applicable NFT at the vesting date and time, and the next year’s vesting date and time has not yet arrived.

Please be sure to check the redemption rules before purchasing NFTs and contact support if you have any questions.


Aged sake NFT list

Various sake breweries from all over Japan are scheduled to continue participating in HINATA’s aged sake NFT project!
Please check the official website.

Honda Shoten Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1920, we have been engaged in sake brewing for over 100 years. We were one of the first to start brewing sake using all rice suitable for sake brewing and selling ginjo sake. This is a sake brewery that is a leader in the Harima region, which is a major producer of Yamadanishiki, and has won several gold medals.
HP: https://www.taturiki.com/

Taga Co., Ltd.

A long-established sake brewery in Taga Town, eastern Shiga Prefecture, that has been brewing sake since 1711 (Shotoku 1). The most distinctive feature is the water with a hardness of 180 mg/L, which is rich in calcium. Received the 14th gold award at the 2020 National Sake Awards for sake brewing that takes advantage of the characteristics of water.
HP: http://www.sakenotaga.co.jp/

Murashige Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.

In 1951, he inherited Morinoi Sake Brewery Co., Ltd., a prestigious company founded in the early Meiji era. Murashige Sake Brewery Co., Ltd. is a sake brewery located upstream of Kintaikyo Bridge in Iwakuni City, Yamaguchi Prefecture. Representative brands “Kinkan Kuromatsu”, “Murashige”, and “Eight Knot”.
HP: https://www.murashige-sake.co.jp/


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