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What we can do now to connect the present and the future. Give delicious gifts to children through the cafe “Musubi” in Takarazuka.

Donation | 2022.06.24

Text by Hinata official

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“Egg first or chicken first?”
This word, known to everyone in the world, is one of the mysteries for which no answer can be found from long ago to today.
But maybe・・”chick” is the first.


Omusubi & Ichiju Sansai Cafe “Musubi” opened in Takarazuka, Kobe City on April 26, 2022.

 As the café name suggests, “Musubi” offers a nutritious and healthy menu of “Omusubi” and “Ichiju Sansai”, or rice balls with soup and three other dishes. It was born from President Sasaki’s strong desire to support healthy food and to “musubi” or connect people in the region.

And at “Musubi”, we sell something that we want to connect with … to connect the present and the future.
Its name is “Happy Chick”.
It’s a toy chick that everyone has seen at least once.
This chick is also sold as NFT. What does it mean?



The store has a lot of chicks bought by well-meaning people and can be “used” by any child.
And what was brought in exchange for the chick was a dish for one child with a lot of side dishes. Yes, the happy chick is a meal ticket that allowed children to eat healthy meals.

In recent years, due to double-income families and poverty, many children eat only fast foods and instant foods, and there are concerns about food health. As an effort to reduce the number of children who cannot eat warm, healthy and nutritious homemade meal, there are Happy Chicks of “Musubi”.



Even if a lot of kind people want to help a child who is having trouble eating, it is hard to come across such a situation.
However, by purchasing this happy chick, you can feed these children healthy food even if you are not there.

But no matter how great the effort, it doesn’t make sense if we can’t continue.
Therefore, at “Musubi”, we aim to reduce the burden on the store and to work on it in a sustainable and long-term manner by combining not only the sales of the cafe but also the sales of happy chicks.

Furthermore, by selling Happy Chick NFT, we have created a system that can support the efforts of “Musubi” even if you cannot visit the cafe directly.

As some of you may have noticed, Happy Chick is a modified fundraising system.

What is Happy Chick NFT?

I think there are still some people who feel “difficult”, “I don’t understand”, and “I have no connection” when they hear NFT, but purchasing Happy Chick NFT of “Musubi” is nothing special.
It’s as easy and familiar as a fundraiser or cloud funding.

By purchasing the cute “Happy Chick NFT” with various patterns, you can deliver meals for free to children who are having trouble eating.

Ex. Happy Chick①:Fundraising for a child’s meal.

We are grateful to the locals for purchasing the Happy Chick NFT.
We are also grateful to those who have purchased the Happy Chick NFT from afar and supported us.

For a better future for all children.

Through NFT, delicious support that connects the present and the future has begun.



Omusubi & Ichiju Sansai Cafe “Musubi”

It is a cafe & children’s cafeteria where you can enjoy healthy meals!

As the café name suggests, the main menu is “Omusubi & Ichiju Sansai” or
rice balls with soup and three other dishes.

We will deliver handmade and nutritionally balanced dishes to the local people!

A part of the sales of the meal and a part of the sales of the purchased products will be used for the operation cost of the children’s cafeteria.






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