Introducing the collaboration works of Kyo-Yuzen design drawings “Soko” and Mr. WAKUI Hiraku, an artist and body sculptor.

Art | 2022.04.09

Text by Hinata official

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This time, the collaboration of Kyo-Yuzen design drawings “Soko” and Mr. WAKUI Hiraku has been realized.

Detailed article : Kyo-Yuzen design drawings “Soko” × New form of art by WAKUI Hiraku, an artist and body sculptor

In this article, we will introduce Mr. WAKUI’s works based on the inspiration he received from Kyo-Yuzen design drawings “Soko”.

According to the word of “Kaiko-Yureki”, these works does not capture secular changes such as weathering, erosion, corrosion, and exfoliation as negative ones, but rather positively captures them as beautiful changes created by various reactions over time.

Traditional works sent out to the world in the past beautifully influence each other in history and the surrounding environment and transform into the present and the future. Over time, human work leads to new works due to changes in the environment. It may be a collaborative work woven from artificiality and random.

Works exhibited in 3D

Outline of the works (Comment from Mr. WAKUI)

To briefly describe what I worked on in this group of works, it is a verification work and a demonstration experiment through the filters of me and everyone who sees what the essential beauty and charm of Kyo-Yuzen are.

As the title “Kaiko-Yureki” suggests, where does the depth come from while looking at the appearance of Kyo-Yuzen that have changed in various historical and environmental conditions? What is the deep and fundamental attraction that is paradoxically proved by the loss of the original color? The purpose is to have you enjoy while analyzing from multiple angles.

Over time and changes in the environment, most of the vivid colors that can be said to be a feature of Kyo-Yuzen will be lost due to weathering and fading over many years.
But if it continues to shine beautifully after that, why is that? We will approach its essential charm.

In the depiction, in order to ensure the inevitability and contingency of changes over time, I have incorporated a lot of contrast expressions between artificiality and random, including the chance of overlapping filters due to digital processing.

In the natural environment, the substance is determined to be constantly corroded, eroded and weathered and disappears without a trace. (※Strictly speaking, the structure will be changed and it will be returned to the environment.) This work group cut out the momentary shining frame and dropped it on the canvas.

There will be many beautifully shining moments before and after this work.

I hope you can see the moment that I can’t draw on the canvas while imagining it in your head.

Work Theme:”Kaiko-Yureki”・・Nostalgic for the old days and enjoy history.

The title of the work:『風霞屡雨-白流-』(ふうかしばあめ-はくりゅう)

Work description: the original Kyo-Yuzen design drawing “Soko” is “Toyama-fukei” or a landscape of distant mountains. It expresses distant mountains and the flowers of the four seasons that bloom in the waves. As the title suggests, it is a depiction of how the gray landscape is foggy and flows fantastically after being weathered for many years due to wind and rain. What color do you envision in a gray world that seems to have burned out?

The title of the work:『風霞屡雨-金流-』(ふうかしばあめ-きんりゅう)

Work description: the original Kyo-Yuzen design drawing “Soko” is “Toyam-fukei” as above. This work depicts the state in which the weathering and fading of the above work changed to bright yellow (gold) due to the material, aging and changes in the environment. Like the monochrome world, the colors of the original design have already been lost, but the golden mist flowing over the design not only gives a new color, but also visually appeals to the viewer for sublimation by the accumulation of history.

The title of the work:『鉱湖水彩-赤晶-』(こうこうすいさい-せきしょう)

Work description: the original Kyo-Yuzen design drawing “Soko” is “Kobushi” or kobus magnolias. It is a very delicate drawing of flowers and branches in the early spring with a “Kobushi” motif. In this work, the discolored “Kobushi” is depicted looking up from the water of the caldera lake formed by volcanic activity. Let’s take a look at the scenery that has faded over time through a filter of water that has been colored over time. Both are works of “Kaiko-Yureki” art drawn by accumulated history.

The title of the work:『鉱湖水彩-青晶-』(こうこうすいさい-せきしょう)

Work description: the original Kyo-Yuzen design drawing “Soko” is “Kobushi” as above. Similar to the above work, the view is from the water, but minerals contained in the water of the caldera lake weave various colors when it is decomposed by bacteria. As the title suggests, this work is a view from underwater that has turned blue.

The title of the work:『洞川虹彩-虹礁-』(どうせんこうさい-こうしょう)

Work description: the original Kyo-Yuzen design drawing “Soko” is “Misu ni matsu” or bamboo blinds and pine trees. Gosho carts, shell tubs, cranes and auspicious patterns are delicately placed in the bamboo blind like a miniature and the allocation of pine trees are expressed in detail. It is a good luck pattern. In this work, even in the limestone cave that was formed over a long period of time, it was drawn in the form of looking into the water of a cave river whose color changed due to the action of bacteria like the caldera lake. The canvas that has lost its color will be colored by the products created by history and environmental changes.

The title of the work:『洞川虹彩-光礁-』(どうせんこうさい-こうしょう)

Work description: the original Kyo-Yuzen design drawing “Soko” is “Misu ni matsu” as above. As the title suggests, due to the luminescence phenomenon caused by underwater bacteria in cave rivers, this work depicts a state colored with shade and light that was not found in the original work.

The title of the work:『金滲剥落』(きんじんはくらく)

Work description: the original Kyo-Yuzen design drawing “Soko” is “Rin-pa shiki-soka ni ryusui” or Rin-pa touch, flowers of the four seasons and running water. With Rin-pa touch, it is decorated with flowers of the four seasons, and the background is a flowing pattern with running water and bamboo trees as an accent. In this work, it depicts a state in which the surface covered with gold leaf has peeled off by shrinking due to moisture and dryness, and a state in which bleeding appears due to mold, dirt, and moisture. Like the other works, the original colors have already been lost, but the scenery created by history and the environment adds more depth to the original work and gives the viewer the impression of being sublimated.

The title of the work:『虹奏鉱彩』(こうそうこうさい)

Work description: the original Kyo-Yuzen design drawing “Soko” is “Rin-pa shiki-soka ni ryusui” as above. This work depicts the appearance of various colors added by the groundwater spouted from mineral deposits with a pattern on laminated rocks that touches the air and is denatured and decomposed by bacteria.

These works will be on sale soon as NFTs.

These collaboration works are being produced in sequence other than those introduced in this article. A new form of art based on Kyo-Yuzen design drawings “Soko” will be on sale soon as NFT along with the opening of marketplace “HINATA”.

Like Mr. WAKUI’s works, there is a possibility of secondary creation in Kyo-Yuzen design drawings “Soko” that represents the history of Japan. The NFTs of Kyo-Yuzen design drawings “Soko” themselves will be on sale at the same time, so please get them and sublimate them into your own art.




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