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Art | 2024.01.25

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What made you start painting artworks?

―― Hello, Anastacia. I’m glad you chose HINATA!
   First of all, could you tell us the story of how you started art and how you got to where you are now?

I have had a passion for art since I was a child. I started drawing at art school at the age of 6, and even then I was known for my experimental approach. Instead of using traditional art supplies, I preferred to paint with my fingers. This choice set the course for my future development as an artist who would explore experimental techniques of painting.

Art, music, and ballet were all an integral part of Anastaсia’s life from an early age. These passions helped to shape her unique worldview through the lens of harmony and purity. It seemed her path as an artist was predetermined. However, at the age of 17, Anastacia faced the need to provide for herself. She chose the profession of an economist, which provided stable employment. Her hard work and determination helped her build a successful career. Later, Anastacia and her husband built a successful family business. Once financial independence was achieved, Anastacia gained the freedom of choice to pursue her passion for art.

In search of her own artistic voice, Anastasia immersed herself in the study of art techniques, mediums, their properties, and effects. She ultimately settled on alcohol inks. This medium allows her to create delicate and nuanced works that convey the depth of her artistic exploration.

One day, Anastasia visited an exhibition of photographs of one of the most important scientific discoveries of the 20th century, known as the Kirlian effect. The photograph captured the energy field of a flower. To this day, the very photograph that evoked a deep emotional reaction in the artist remains in her possession. Many years later, this exhibition served as the starting point for her artistic research.

How do you get the idea for your art?

―― Your art is very fantastical and abstract, showing beautiful expanse and infinite depth.
   What kind of motif do you use to create your pieces?

Anastaсia draws inspiration for her paintings from three natural phenomena: the Northern Lights, clouds, and the night sky with stars and nebulae.

The Northern Lights captivate and delight the artist. Its bright and shimmering colors, dancing in the darkness, remind her that the world around us is full of beauty and wonder.

Clouds are also a source of inspiration for Anastaсia. She loves to watch their whimsical shapes and soft outlines. They create a sense of lightness and airiness that she strives to capture in her paintings.

At night, Anastaсia loves to look at the countless stars twinkling in the darkness. Nebulae, consisting of clouds of gas and dust, are true masterpieces of nature. They amaze the imagination with their bright colors, whimsical shapes, and complex composition. Nebulae are an inexhaustible source of inspiration for creating abstract paintings.

The artist focuses on diametrical contrasts, which enhance the communication of forms and create a special space for the interaction of color. By using air instead of a brush, the artist transforms their works into a special visual dimension.

The artist’s work explores the energetic field of the soul and the spirit of nature. Her paintings invite the viewer to engage in a sensory and contemplative experience. The works are open to interpretation and encourage the viewer to reflect on their own spiritual journey. The artist’s paintings have a tactile sensibility that goes beyond the visual to evoke deep and tender emotions.

What was the event that left the biggest impression on you through your creative activity?

―― When you are engaged in creative activities, various events and encounters occur.
   What was the most memorable experience for you?

Early in her artistic career, Anastacia had an experience that left a lasting impression. Two of her Artworks, an abstract painting and an NFT, simultaneously won a major American art competition. This event was a validation for her that she was on the right track.

What’s the most important thing to you for painting?

―― I think each artist has their own beliefs, emotions, or goals that form their core towards art.
   What kind of thoughts do your paintings convey?

The most important thing to me in painting is to create art that prompts the viewer to reflection and spiritual quest.

The ability to create art that is free from limitations and open to exploring new ideas and concepts, to surprise and inspire the viewer, revealing deeper meanings of life.

Anastacia Kevich

Anastacia Kevich

Anastasia Kevich is known as an innovator in modern art.
She creates works that break with tradition and focus on the subconscious rather than form, combining abstract elements and harmony of light to create new meanings. She abandoned her career as an entrepreneur and dedicated herself to her artistic mission, developing her own visual language, “Ink Her Flow.”

Her art focuses on the transmission of form and the interplay of color, using air instead of brushes to create a special visual dimension. Her paintings explore the energy realm of the soul and the spirit of nature, inviting viewers into a sensual and meditative experience.

Her work has been recognized at exhibitions in the US, UK, South Korea, and Turkey, and won awards at the American Art Awards 2022 and Binance Creative Week 2022. Her paintings evoke emotions beyond the visual and facilitate an individual’s spiritual journey.



Anastacia Kevich


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