What is an NFT game? Thorough explanation of recommended rankings, earning methods, and points to note

Official | 2022.12.09

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“I heard that you can earn money with NFT games, but I don’t know how to start or how it differs from normal games…”

Now that the word NFT game is buzzing around the neighborhood, such voices are often heard.

In this article, we will explain NFT games in an easy-to-understand manner, and introduce how to earn NFT games and recommended NFT games.

This article will be useful for those who want to earn money with NFT games, so please refer to it.

1. What is an NFT game?

An NFT game is a game that has a mechanism that allows characters and items to be converted into NFTs and bought and sold to earn crypto assets.

In the first place, NFT is an abbreviation for Non-Fungible Token , and it is a technology that gives digital data a unique asset value in the world.

By utilizing blockchain, which is the underlying technology of cryptographic assets, it is theoretically impossible to copy or falsify digital data, proving its unique rarity .

NFT games are also called blockchain games because they are developed on the blockchain . Also, earning money by playing NFT games is called “Play-to-Earn” .

2. NFT game features

NFT games have three main features:

  1. Earn just by playing
  2. Even if the service ends, you can continue to own it as an asset
  3. can’t cheat

I will introduce them in order.

(1) Earn just by playing

NFT games use crypto assets, and you can earn crypto assets by selling characters and items acquired in the game on the NFT market, or by participating in NFT game competitions and acquiring crypto assets.

Crypto assets earned from NFT games can be profited by converting them into Japanese yen on the crypto asset exchange.

(2) Even if the service ends, you can continue to own it as an asset

While characters and items in conventional games were simply digital data, NFT games allow players to own characters and items as NFTs with asset value.

Even if the NFT game service ends, NFT characters and items can still be owned by players as assets and can be used in other NFT games .

(3) Impossible to cheat

Since the NFT game is developed on the blockchain, it is a mechanism that prevents users from cheating .

Data is distributed and managed on the blockchain and monitored for data tampering, so even if the data is tampered with, fraud can be detected immediately.

3. NFT game recommendation ranking

Here are the top 5 recommended for those who want to start NFT games.

(1) 1st place Crypto Spells

Quote: Crypto Spells

Crypto Spells is a trading card game that allows you to fight your opponent with the cards you have, and it is an NFT game where you can freely buy and sell the cards you have.

NFT game nameCrypto Spells
feature・One of the largest NFT games in Japan developed in Japan
・You can make original cards
・In-game items can be used interchangeably with MyCryptoHeroes
Points to note when playingYou can’t get rare cards unless you buy them
Recommended for people like this・People who are worried about overseas NFT games
・People who want to earn money without risk
Official URLhttps://cryptospells.jp/

(2) 2nd place Sorare

Quote: Sorare

Sorare is a soccer card game developed in France and is an NFT game in which the actual soccer match is greatly reflected in the score.

NFT game nameSorare
feature・Popular cards are traded at a high price
・Just leave them alone after forming a team
・Receive rewards in ETH (Ethereum)
Points to note when playingWhether or not you can earn money depends on the actual match result
Recommended for people like this・People who like soccer
・People who want to be compatible with other NFT games
Official URLhttps://sorare.com/

(3) 3rd place Thetan Arena

Quote: Thetan Arena

Thetan Arena is a MOBA-style battle royale game that you can play on your smartphone, an NFT game similar to Brawl Stars.

NFT game nameThetan Arena
feature・The amount of times you can earn depends on the hero
・A game where you can win depending on your skill
・Easy operability even for beginners
Points to note when playingHeroes purchased with the smartphone app do not support NFT
Recommended for people like this・ People who want to keep initial costs down
・ People who are new to NFT games
Official URLhttps://thetanarena.com/

(4) 4th place The SandBox

Quote: The Sandbox Twitter

The SandBox is an NFT game that allows you to own land in the game, create new games on the land, and trade the land like real estate.

NFT game nameThe Sandbox
feature・You can freely enjoy the virtual space “Metaverse”
・You can expect future potential with NFT x Metaverse
・Partnering with SHIBUYA109
Points to note when playingCounterfeits of LAND and in-game items are sometimes sold at low prices.
Recommended for people like this・People who like simulation games
・People who want a return
Official URLhttps://www.sandbox.game/en/

(5) 5th place Pegaxy

Quote: Pegaxy

Pegaxy is a horse-racing-like NFT game that allows you to participate in races with your own Pega and aim for top prizes.

NFT game namePegaxy
feature・Rent a Pega to earn rewards
・Rent a Pega to participate in races
・Breed Pega and sell or rent out new Pega
Points to note when playingIf you want to earn big money, you need to buy Pega
Recommended for people like this・People who want to keep initial costs down
・People who don’t want to do difficult operations
Official URLhttps://pegaxy.io/

4. How to make money with NFT games

Next, I will explain how to buy and sell items in the NFT game and earn profits in 3 steps.

(1) Step 1. Open a Coincheck account for free

In order to buy and sell items in the NFT game, it is necessary to use the NFT Marketplace. For NFT games, it is common to use Coincheck NFT (β) .

Coincheck NFT (β) is the first NFT marketplace in Japan, where users can trade NFT items and crypto assets.

In order to use Coincheck NFT (β), a Coincheck account is required, so if you do not have an account, open one.

(2) Step 2. Link Coincheck NFT (β) and MetaMask

In order to buy/sell (in/out) NFT items with Coincheck NFT(β), it is necessary to link with MetaMask .

If you have not installed MetaMask, install MetaMask in advance and link it with Coincheck NFT (β).

(3) Step 3. Buy and sell NFT with Coincheck NFT (β)

Buy NFT items acquired in the NFT game or items that are likely to become popular in the future at a low price, and list NFT items on Coincheck NFT (β) .

In addition, you can decide the “exhibition price” and “receive currency” yourself when listing.

When the exhibited NFT item is purchased, the price will be deposited in the specified currency, so you can get Japanese yen by exchanging it.

(4) Tips for earning money with NFT games

Here are two tips for beginners to earn money with NFT games.

① Challenge the newly released NFT game

If it is a newly released NFT game, it is possible to get the first mover advantage .

For reference, I will explain with the cryptocurrency SAND, which is the in-game currency of The Sandbox.

[The Sandbox/SAND]
・January 2021 1SAND: about 4 yen
・November 2021 1SAND: about 950 yen

Reference: CoinMarketCap

In roughly 10 months, the price of SAND has skyrocketed by about 237 times .

Those who have started playing The Sandbox since January 2021 and have accumulated SAND will have made a considerable profit.

NFT games are still not well known by the public, so entering the market soon after the NFT games are released is likely to give you a first-mover advantage.

If you use DappRadar , you can quickly find out what games are popular and what games have been newly released.

② Play every day and earn steadily

By clearing the daily missions determined in the NFT game, you can get tokens and NFTs as rewards.

Daily missions differ depending on the game, and there are many missions such as the following.

  • log in
  • win the battle
  • acquire an item

Daily missions are easy to earn for beginners , as you can earn rewards by playing every day .

5. NFT game challenges

We have introduced the appeal of NFT games, where you can earn money just by playing, but there are also problems.

  • Game quality is low compared to normal video games and smartphone games
  • There are many steps from entering the NFT game to converting to Japanese yen, and the entry barrier is high
  • Due to incomplete legal development for NFT games, it may be subject to legal regulations in the future

However, the current issues are expected to improve as the number of users increases in the future .

Check out new NFT games on NFT marketplaces such as Coincheck NFT (β) and DappRadar so that you can make a big profit even after they are improved .

6. The future of NFT games

Riding the waves of the explosively growing NFT market in 2022, the number of NFT game users is expected to increase further, so we believe that the future of NFT games is bright.

  • The participation of large companies is likely to accelerate market growth
  • As the number of users increases, it is expected that legislation and barriers to entry will improve.
  • As NFT games become popular, the demand for crypto assets will increase, and prices can be expected to rise.

It may be time to overcome the challenges of NFT games and use blockchain and NFT technology for all games in the future.

7. Good and bad reviews of NFT games

Finally, we will introduce good and bad reviews of NFT games.

(1) Good reviews

(2) Bad word of mouth

8. HINATA is the place to buy and sell NFTs

NFT games have evolved from just playing games to a mechanism that allows you to earn crypto assets while playing.

The world has already seen a great deal of excitement, and some people have become able to make a living from NFT games alone, and some people have quit their jobs or bought houses.

However, in order for NFT games to continue to grow, it is necessary to lower the entry barriers for beginners, such as “payment with crypto assets” and “expensive fees”.

Therefore, if you use the NFT marketplace “HINATA” , you can lower the entry barrier for beginners and further activate the trading of NFT items.

“HINATA” supports payments in legal currency (Japanese Yen), so there is no need to prepare a cryptocurrency account or wallet.

You can easily purchase NFTs just by registering as a member of “HINATA”, and since we use our own patented private chain “HAZAMA”, the fees for sales and settlement are low .
For those who want to start NFT games, we recommend using “HINATA” , which allows you to trade NFTs easily and at low cost.


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