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How to Get “HINATA” Campaign NFT.

Campaign | 2022.01.11

Text by Hinata official

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“HINATA” will distribute NFT for free as a campaign in collaboration with creators.

“HINATA” explains how to get Campaign NFT.

Create an account for “HINATA”.

To get an NFT, you must first create an account on “HINATA”.
You can create an account by signing up.

account registration

First of all, please register your email address and password.

The password requires the following characters:

・8 characters or more in length
・At least three of the following: lowercase letters(a-z), uppercase letters(A-Z), numbers(0-9) and special characters( ex. !@#$%^&*)

After registering your email address and password, you will receive a notification of user registration completion and account authentication to your email address.

Notification of user registration completion. (Account authentication.)

Access the campaign page.

Creating an account in “HINATA” allows you to access the campaign page.
Let’s access the link on the campaign page.

Campaign page.

You can get NFT by pressing “Get” at the bottom of the campaign page.
The acquired NFT will be in “My collections”.

Let’s check the NFT you got!

Click on the profile in the upper right corner of the website “HINATA” to bring up My menu.

My menu

Press “My collection” to see your collection list.
You can check the NFT you got in the collection list.

Collection list

※Please apply for registration using the same browser until you get Campaign NFT.
If you change the browser during application, you may not be able to obtain Campaign NFT.


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