The world of digital art that the marketplace “HINATA” aims for.

Official | 2022.01.11

Text by Hinata official

  • About us

An era where all artists and creators can shine under the digital sun.

On January 11, 2022, FUWARI Co., Ltd. launched the marketplace “HINATA”.

“HINATA” aims to be a digital, sunny place where all artists and creators can shine.

With the progress of digitalization and the spread of the new coronavirus, people’s relationships are becoming less and less, and the reality is that there are fewer places where artists and creators can shine. I want it to be a place where people can learn more about them using new technology. With that in mind, we launched a service called “HINATA”.

”I hear a lot about NFT these days, but isn’t it just making money by selling worthless things forcibly riding the trend?”

To be honest, I feel that there are many such cases. We have to avoid such a cheap way of using innovative technology and disappearing from the world before it is well known to many people.

To be honest, I feel that there are many such cases. We have to avoid such a cheap way of using innovative technology and disappearing from the world before it is well known to many people.

Every work or service has a thought, something to convey, something to change, and a story. The role of “HINATA” is to convey the thoughts of all talented artists and creators in a new way using new technology.

Consider the environment

Environmental issues are inseparable from the topic of NFT. Of course, if it is said that it is best not to do NFT itself, it may be until then, but this technology will surely penetrate the world.

If technology is to be used, I think we should seek the most eco-friendly way of using it, rather than abandoning the technology itself. I think that the coexistence of technology and the environment is a big issue that we must aim for.

By using our blockchain technology “HAZAMA”, it is possible to solve the gas bill problem that occurs in other blockchain networks and reduce electricity usage. * Details will be introduced in a separate article.

Reasons for sticking to a platform that “flys from Japan to the world”

Did you know that blockchain technology may have originated in Japan?

It is said that the revolution since the Internet, and there is a possibility that the technological innovation that made the whole world go wild was born in Japan. Despite this, Japan is now completely behind other countries in the blockchain area due to problems with legal development and lack of understanding of technology. It’s a waste, isn’t it?

In addition, Japan has been drawing attention from around the world for its unique creativity, starting with traditional crafts from ancient times and subcultures such as anime. There are still a lot of wonderful works that have not been released yet.

We want you to know!

Creators who have their own world view and fascinate people, the first collaboration was ICOMA’s “Tatamel Bike”.

Transformable electric bikes that adapt to various environments have excellent design, and each bike is a work of art.

Create a concept, not a product. It’s a great service that’s really creating something new.

As the next big collaboration, we are preparing a sketch of Kyoto Yuzen, which represents Japan.

Japanese traditional culture is beautiful

Speaking of Kyoto Yuzen, it has a long history among kimono dyeing techniques and is one of the most famous techniques. Some of the delicately drawn and beautiful rough sketches used for dyeing have survived for more than 100 years.

The actual kimono may no longer exist in this world. However, it is possible to semi-permanently leave the remaining sketch by engraving digital data on the blockchain.

In addition, by converting it into digital data, we can expand the range of new expressions that have never existed before, such as reviving kimonos in virtual space and collaborating with contemporary artists. I’m preparing it too, so please look forward to it. A kimono lost over 100 years ago is revived with digital data. Isn’t it lovely?

Various other artists and creators are involved in the project, so I think that you will be able to experience many fun works.

the next deployment

Since HINATA will be its own NFT platform, it is currently not possible to send acquired NFTs to other platforms (such as Opensea). In the future, we are thinking about a mechanism that will create fluidity so that more people can enjoy it in stages.

The following features are currently confirmed to be added.

  • In-platform secondary distribution function: Purchased (or acquired for free) items can be bought and sold
  • Authenticity proof function: A function that can prove authenticity in conjunction with NFT even in Real Works

There are so many other things that can be done, so we are scrutinizing additional functions and will announce them as soon as the schedule is decided.

The new digital world that NFT opens will expand your possibilities infinitely. We are also looking forward to collaborating creators at “HINATA”. Take your creativity to the next level.


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