“Sake and Art ~ JAPANESE LABEL ART with NFT” Sending the digital taste of sake to the world together with the Gifu brewery “Hayashi Honten”.

Art | 2022.02.01

Text by Hinata official

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There are many different ways to enjoy sake, reflecting the culture of the times.
Among them, the label collection is timeless.

“Luxury items” such as alcoholic beverages reflect people’s “tastes” and the “culture” of the time.
There are various ways of “taste”, such as conforming to the rules of form and formality, individual freedom, and things that change with the times.

Among them, in addition to drinking alcohol, one of the ways to enjoy sake has been established for a long time as a collection of bottles and labels. As a familiar example, in the Showa era, there must have been a sake bottle that was carefully displayed in the drawing room of a house.
​​Sake bottle labels in particular have collectors around the world for wine, and sake label collection has long been a hobby in Japan.

Liquor labels are profound, and their designs have various meanings. In the case of wine, it indicates information such as the name and coat of arms of the producer, the year of harvest, and the rating. In the early Showa era, when distribution changed, the form of “sake label” printed by modern printing took over, and the expression has diversified up to the present day.

In the early days, the design of the sake label was woodblock multicolor printing similar to ukiyo-e, and the auspicious patterns such as chrysanthemums, cherry blossoms, and cranes and tortoises were expressed with the strong characters of the sake label. Beauty was used without regret. I think there are many collectors who are attracted to its high artistic quality.

A sake label that condenses the traditional beauty of Japan.
We will spread that high artistic quality to the world with NFT.

At HINATA, we refocused our attention on this artistic quality and started a project to expand the possibilities of the digital world. As a start, we will convert sake label art into NFT as a digital collection item.

Along with the 100-year-old brewery “Hayashi Honten” in Kakamigahara City, Gifu, who is a partner who opens up that possibility , label art to commemorate the release of the “Hyakujuro emotion series”, which is the global expansion of the brewery’s flagship products. We will distribute the collaboration NFT of.

The brewery “Hayashi Honten” uses the clear stream that wells up from the Japanese Alps and high-quality rice cultivated in the GIAHS area. We have been brewing sake since 1920 with the desire to make sake with the best taste.
Furthermore, Rieko Hayashi, the 5th generation head of the family, believes that “the role of sake is to connect people through food and to support people’s communication.” Delivering.

Hayashi Honten’s main product “Hyakujuro” series global expansion product “Hyakujuro emotion series” is based on the concept of “enjoying the best of Japanese culture”. Expressed on the label with 5 types of traditional Japanese patterns.

In this collaboration, through the label art that expresses the “iki” of the “Hyakujuro emotion series”,
we will carry out the common mission of disseminating Japanese culture to the world digitally. Using NFT, we will push the taste of sake and the collection style up to now to a new dimension.




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