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Succeeded in developing the world’s first completely new NFT (Non Fungible To-chan)!?

Campaign | 2022.04.01

Text by Hinata official

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*This article is an April Fool’s Day project* 

Is the father replaceable?

The existence of the “father” who is the main pillar of the family is different in each family. There are positive evaluations such as being dependable and kind, but others have different evaluations such as smelly feet, not wanting to wash clothes together (crying), sleeping until noon on days off.

Don’t you just notice the bad things, fail to notice the good things, and keep pushing them into the corner? If it’s such a father, isn’t it possible to replace it?

 A grand demonstration experiment has begun to clarify whether Dad can be replaced or not.

Issuing Fungible To-chan

First , issue a Fungible To-chan (Fungible Dad: Substitutable Dad) by following the steps below.

1. Soak Dad in a special liquid

We have them immerse themselves in the T Data (father’s data) analysis solution developed by our company for a certain period of time. By having them immerse themselves in this solution, you can acquire Dad’s personal data.

 2. Issue Fungible To-chan from the acquired data

Based on the acquired father’s personal data, “HINATA Lab” will issue a Fungible To-chan (autonomous humanoid robot) with the father’s information.

 3. Spend a week with Fungible To-chan

The issued Fungible To-chan will come to your house for a week. In the meantime, real dad should live alone outside. Fungible To-chan acts like a real dad, listens to various instructions and divides up household tasks.

For the first few days, you might think that having him do so many things around the house is such a relief, and so different from real dads. However, after a week has passed, I feel emptiness in Fungible To-chan, who is still inorganic and just follows instructions, even though he has learned his personality. I’ve even heard people say that even the smell of those feet is nostalgic.

Also, my real dad couldn’t see his family for a week and lived alone, so he felt the importance of spending time with his family, and he was worried about what he would do if he was told that Fungible To-chan was better than him. They tend to be very kind to their families.

4. Issuance of Non-Fungible To-chan

After learning the importance of the family and the importance of caring for each other, the family who realized the importance of their father as a proof of that is Non Fungible To-chan (non-fungible father). proof of existence) can be issued.

With this certificate, the father will be able to treat the family kindly with the proof of the family’s trust, which will lead to a harmonious family.

According to a survey, more than 90% of families who obtained Non Fungible To-chan said that family communication increased and fights and conflicts decreased.

Don’t forget to communicate and cherish family ties

With the rapid progress of technology, new and convenient things are increasing every day. New technologies and services certainly make our lives more convenient, but on the other hand, interpersonal communication is becoming weaker, and we sometimes neglect to treat people in front of us with respect and care.

In these days, unexpected situations occur one after another, so I would be happy if you could take care of people close to you and have an opportunity to communicate with each other with kindness. Take care of your precious family.

Free distribution of NFT art to 500 people as a successful development campaign

*This is an April Fools project*

HINATA will present NFT (To-chan) art to 500 people as a development success campaign for everyone who has realized the importance of family, although it is small

Non Fungible To-chan art name: To-chan Pe!

Distribution period: April 1, 2022-April 30, 2022
Number of distributions: 500 people (campaign will end as soon as it runs out)
Color variations: 10 colors
* NFTs of 10 colors will be displayed at random, so please choose the displayed one. Please download.
Depending on the color, we may not be able to meet your request due to the end of distribution. Thank you for your understanding.

▼ Download link

* You need to create an account to acquire NFT, so please refer to the link below.

This NFT art is a creative director of our company who once experienced the dissolution of his family, and what is his father who himself experienced ? What is a harmonious family? As a result of repeated trial and error by reading various materials and documents in order to solve the worries of the world, we spent 5 years to complete the NFT art.

The colors make you feel calm just by looking at it, and the rounded design gives you a sense of familiarity to represent a harmonious home. When you feel it, open the wallet and take a look.
Just by looking at it, irritation and discomfort disappear, and the feeling becomes calm and the family becomes harmonious.

About the marketplace “HINATA”

The difference between HINATA and general NFT platforms can be summarized in three points: “media management that conveys the thoughts of creators”, “eco-friendly transactions”, and “smart use”. I’m here. 

(1) Media management that conveys the thoughts of creators

HINATA is not just a place to buy and sell digital art, but focuses on transmitting the thoughts and stories that creators put into their works through media management.

By accessing HINATA, users will be able to know the charm of the work and the depth of the concept of the project, and will be able to feel the value.
From there, new connections are born between creators and fans, and a community is created.
That is how HINATA aims to be a digital art platform.

(2) Eco-friendly transactions

NFT is an application of blockchain technology, but an inseparable problem in blockchain-related services is the problem of gas costs and power consumption associated with public chains.
HINATA currently uses a private chain.

Unlike the public chains used in large-scale marketplaces, there is no mining to form a blockchain, so there is no need to pay high gas prices, usage fees are low, and electricity is not consumed that much. There are advantages.

(3) Smart use

Another feature of HINATA is that you can use the service smarter than general NFT platforms.
Specifically, there are two things.

・Simple login method.
・Legal currency settlement by credit card is possible.

Login to HINATA does not use the secret key often used in the NFT platform, but uses the login method with the ID and password that users are familiar with.

In addition, HINATA allows legal tender payment by credit card to purchase NFT.
Also, in the case of public chains, gas costs are incurred at key points in the process.
In addition, many public chains are overseas sites, and the basic language of the site is English, so it is difficult to understand the content, it takes time to operate, and there is a possibility of incorrect operation.
It’s not uncommon for a website to be a scam site aimed at Japanese people who can’t speak English.

Future of HINATA

The market for blockchains, including NFTs, is attracting attention as the arrival of a new era of the Internet, and is said to continue to expand significantly in the future. However, on the other hand, there are many people who are worried about speculative price movements and digital valuation by NFT, and do not have a good impression.
HINATA aims to operate as a place where creators and fans can gather and deepen their ties, rather than an NFT market press for the sole purpose of buying and selling, so that even such people can use it with peace of mind.
Creators who are worried about which NFT platform to publish their work. Why don’t you spread the appeal of your work with HINATA?

Let’s open up the possibilities of digital with us!
Also, if you are interested in NFT works, please take a look at HINATA.

If there is a good encounter with creators and works there, nothing will make me happier.

Contact (HINATA Support Desk)
FUWARI Co. , Ltd.


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