[Aged sake x NFT] A new way to enjoy aged sake, where the taste of sake and the value of NFT grow over time

Official | 2023.08.31

Text by Hinata official

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 From spring 2023, sake breweries across Japan will begin a new way to enjoy sake with NFT, focusing on “aged sake”!

 ”Japanese-Sake” is spreading all over the world.
 We would like to introduce the appeal of NFT, which “cultivates” the highest quality taste.

Sake spreading around the world

 As the name suggests, sake has traditionally been produced and consumed in Japan, but in recent years it has begun to be enjoyed more and more overseas. The export value in 2022 will be approximately 47.5 billion yen, growing for 13 consecutive years. The shipment volume of 35,895 kiloliters is soon on par with domestic consumption.

 The recovery of economic activity, which was sluggish due to the corona crisis, and the spread of quality control at the time of export and distribution in each country have played a major role. One reason is that there are.

 Among the sake exports, premium products such as aged sake are experiencing particularly rapid growth.

What is aged sake?

 ”Matured sake” is “refined sake that has been matured in a brewery for more than three years, excluding sugar-added sake”. You can say that.

 As sake ages, it takes on a beautiful color, from transparent to amber or golden. It emits a rich aroma like ripe fruit, and the taste is smooth and deep, transforming into a heavy sake that feels the weight of time.
 In addition to the taste, aged sake (old sake) is said to be better for the health than new sake. By letting it rest for a long time, the alcohol and water are bound together, which speeds up the decomposition of ethanol.

Aged sake x NFT The fun of owning and actually tasting it with NFT

 Therefore, this time, multiple sake breweries around Japan planned “NFT with the right to own their own aged sake”.

 By issuing limited sake suitable for aged sake by each sake brewery as aged sake NFT, users can acquire ownership through NFT, and the actual product can be matured in an environment managed by the sake brewery. .

 Aged sake and NFTs are a perfect match in that the value increases when held for a long period of time. By holding NFTs over time, the value of aged sake will increase, and the value of NFTs will increase accordingly.
 After owning it, you can choose to exercise the rights of NFT and order and enjoy the aged sake that you have “raised”, as well as the investment of selling NFT with “grown” value to others. You can also choose.

 In this way, we believe that people from various countries will develop aged sake NFT based on playfulness and enjoyment, which will lead to the branding of sake itself and the dissemination of Japanese culture.

・You can own aged sake without storing and managing it yourself.
・If you redeem the vested sake, you can get and drink the real aged sake. *1
・When the secondary distribution of NFTs starts, NFTs with ownership rights can be traded. *2

*1 Since only one bottle of aged sake is compatible with 1 NFT, rights can only be exercised once for 1 NFT.
*2 Secondary distribution of NFTs handled by HINATA is scheduled to begin within this year, but the timing may change depending on the development status and NFT market situation.

NFT sales have started!

(2023/08/25 update)

 ”Aged sake NFT” will be on sale from August 2023!
 Check out the list of participating breweries and products from the page below!

 Details of “Aged Sake NFT” will be announced in conjunction with updates to the official page from April onwards.
 If you pre-register on the page below, advance information will be sent to your registered email, so please make use of it.


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