Tales of MUSHRACE -Chapter 1- [Digest]

Game | 2022.12.09

Text by Hinata official

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Mash Race is an NFT racing battle game in which mushrooms explode.
It is a project that is expected to follow up, such as many of the previously announced art works being sold out.

《 Mashrace 》

In Mash Race, the story is currently serialized daily on the official Twitter prior to the release of the game.

Why are humans extinct and mushrooms running?
On earth, what kind of mystery is hidden in this underground world?
In this article, we will send you a digest of the original story that shows a profound and magnificent development, contrary to the pop illustrations and light-hearted glue.


 A long time ago, mankind occupied this earth as if it belonged to them.
 They destroyed nature and pursued their own interests with their own desires.

 However, food shortages, differences in religious views, and the gap between the rich and the poor caused by excessive capitalism ignited a global war. A long, quagmire war ended with a new weapon called “God’s Thunder”.
 But there are no winners.
 ”God’s thunder” has destroyed all mankind.

 The year is 2525, hundreds of years after the extinction of mankind.
 In the underworld, there were mushrooms with their own ecosystems that were selfish, wheeled, and able to run.

■ Yellow Village and Porcino

 The main character, Porcino-kun, lives in the underground Yellow Village, a village inhabited by mushrooms of the Porcini genus.
 Porcino-kun, who was to participate in the monthly racing competition, set a new Mash Soul card in his head and practiced at the racetrack energetically.

“Today the humidity is just right, and Paul feels good!”

 For a while, I was feeling good running around the course in Yellow Village, which was full of greenery, but I ran out of energy while practicing, so Porcino-kun charged up at a charging spot in the ruins on the outskirts of the village. decided to go.

 The ruins are always shrouded in mystery as they emit strange sounds and lights, but they have been in the village for a long time, so Porcino-kun entered the ruins without worrying about them. When Porcino started charging in the back room with the other mushrooms in a familiar manner, Porcino fell asleep from the comfort of charging.

■ Disturbing Dolls Sleeping in the Ruins

 Then some time passed.
 When Porcino wakes up, the other mushrooms are gone.
 Looking around the empty charging room, I noticed a small hole in the edge. The moment Porcino approached without realizing it, the whole ground shook, and the impact caused the floor to collapse! ! !

“Pol por por bol bol… Por por boo!!!!”

 It fell with a scream, and Porcino was soon slammed on the floor.
 The room is almost pitch black, relying only on the light coming through the holes. The horror that makes me want to scream right now comes over me. As I frantically looked around to distract myself, I noticed something at my feet.

“What is this… Ppol?”

 Apparently the floor seems to have become a glass case. In the darkness, I saw a withered doll with a long nose and what looked like a book written in illegible letters.

 Porcino-kun pretends he didn’t see it, feeling something very unpleasant. As I looked around further, I noticed that there was a faint light in the distance, probably because of the recent earthquake. Feeling uneasy about the unreliable light, Porcino left the glass case room.
 However, behind Porcino-kun, there was an accident in the case that cracked when it fell. The glass case was enveloped in an unsettling atmosphere with high humidity, and the eerie withered doll was gradually regaining its original shape.


 Porcino didn’t notice that at all. The basement of the old ruins was covered with roots of trees growing from the ground, creating a dark maze-like state, but we finally succeeded in escaping in about 30 minutes.

“I did it! I was saved! I was so scared!

 Feeling relieved that I was able to escape, fatigue came over me and I collapsed on the spot.
 Looking at the unfamiliar scenery, I thought it was a place on the outskirts of the village. It was at that time that I braced myself that I had to return to the village as soon as possible. Something suddenly jumped out at a tremendous speed from the hole Porcino had just left! !

 Gogogogogogogo, ka! ?
 Zudon! ! ! !


 Blown away by something that jumped out of the hole, Porcino was caught upside down in the roots of the tree and fainted.

■ Yellow village attacked

 How long has it been since then?
 When Porcino-kun woke up from the fainting, miasma was filling the direction of the village. When I rushed back to the village, I found an unconscious adult porcini lying at the entrance of the village with the Mash Soul Card, the lifeline of the running mushrooms, stolen.

“What the hell! What happened, Pppol!!?”

 Inside the village, the scenery was even more hopeless. From the young porcini to the adult porcini, all of them have been robbed of their mash soul cards and annihilated. Shocked by the spectacle, he wanders around the village helplessly, but the more he looks, the more the tragic sight continues.

 That’s when I came from the entrance of the village to the outskirts of the village. I noticed a mushroom standing in the distance, emitting an ominous aura.

“Gugh! It’s all cheap cards… but it was just right for warming up. Gugh!!”

 Then, a strong flash was emitted from around the card and the mysterious mushroom, and the mysterious mushroom flew away.

 After the mysterious mushroom flew away, I noticed something moving behind me when I was standing dumbfounded.

“Why is Onii-chan okay with being alone…?”

 What appeared fearfully from the shadows was a village child, “porcini porcini”. When I asked what had happened to the village, the young porcini began to cry and spoke frightened.


 It happened within 2-3 hours when Porcino fainted and returned to the village. A spooky red glowing mushroom suddenly appeared and tried to take all the cards from the village, so everyone went to war with Mash Race. However, it seems that he was completely defeated and took all the cards.
 Hearing the “red light”, Porcino-kun recalled the memory of being blown away when escaping from the ruins. I feel like I saw a red light right before I passed out.

“By the way, is Elder safe and sound?”

 Elder Porcini, the oldest, took refuge in a cave outside the village as soon as the Mysterious Mushrooms attacked. If Elder-sama is safe, I might be able to get some advice. Porcino and his friends decided to head to the cave.

■ Fate that has begun to move, departure of Porcino

 A quiet space in the depths of a cave on the outskirts of the village was an emergency shelter that only Porcini and his friends knew about.
 When you open the rock door at the end of the cave, only young Porcino are there. I don’t see any adults.

“All the adults except me went to fight to protect these children…”

 An elder who speaks so. And the result was—just as Porcino had seen.

 Porcino couldn’t quite believe the situation, but finally tears spilled from his eyes. However, the wheels of Porcino’s cruel destiny have started to move.

“Porcino and all the other adults in this village have been killed… Even if we stay here, the peaceful days will never return. If things continue like this, the Porcini clan will eventually wither away. I’m going to…”

 “Go east.”
 Entrusting the future of the Porcini clan, the elder went to sleep for a long time.
 The adult porcini left at last is only me. Porcino took a big breath and said to the larvae.

“Following the Elder’s instructions, we head east. I know everyone will be having a hard time, but we’ll definitely be back… I hope you can endure it until then…”

 Porcino still doesn’t know what kind of fate and harsh trials await him in the east.
 Porcino-kun said goodbye to the larvae who stared at him with a sense of unease, and set off on his journey with anxiety and determination in his heart.

[End of the first part]




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