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KIMIKA, an artist with a husky and delicate voice and a range of 4 octaves, has started an NFT distribution campaign with HINATA’s unique “UnisonQR” for a solo live in November!

Campaign | 2022.12.09

Text by Hinata official

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 KIMIKA, a female singer who became a hot topic on TV with “Lady Gaga’s tearful singing voice”, will be announced at her solo live “KIMIKA 4th Anniversary LIVE “Beautiful Tears”” to be held at Akabane ReNY alpha on November 7, 2022. We will start a NFT free distribution campaign for the new song that will be released!
 The campaign will use HINATA’s patented “UnisonQR” to connect KIMIKA with her fans and fans with each other.

What is KIMIKA

Artist/Brand Producer/Stylist

Born in 1994.
She pursues her dream of becoming a singer and begins her music career.
In 2017, he won the debut audition for Weekly Shonen Magazine’s band cartoon “Fuka”, and in 2018, he won the “109 Road Live” sponsored by Shibuya 109, where he originally worked as an apparel clerk.

After that, he continued to transmit music on video distribution sites, etc., and won the stardom audition for the movie “A Star Is Born” in 2018. She had a touching meeting with Lady Gaga in Las Vegas, and the scene where Gaga cried to KIMIKA’s song became a hot topic on TV.

He has also appeared in the popular music programs “THE Karaoke ★ Battle” and “Kanjani Eight’s The Mozart Music King”.
There are many fans who sympathize with her story that she has continued to transmit her music without giving up, her overwhelming singing ability, and positive message.

Link:official web / Youtube / Twitter / Instagram / TikTok

live information

KIMIKA 4th anniversary LIVE “Beautiful Tears”

venueAkabane ReNY alpha 1-7-9
Akabane, Kita-ku, Tokyo
timeRehearsal tour 17:00-17:30
open 18:00
Start 19:00-20:30 Product
sales 21:00-21:45

Limited ticket with NFT
Student discount (high school students and younger) 3,500 yen *Limited to 50 tickets
General admission 6,500 yen *Limited to 100 tickets
Ticket release dateSeptember 1, 2022 21:00-  KIMIKA FC pre-sale start
September 10, 2022   Ticket sales at Yoyogi Lodge LIVE
September 10, 2022 21:00- General sales

Click here for details on purchasing tickets online.

* The purchase page is restricted from viewing until the general sales start on September 10th. note that.
*If you purchase online and receive a paper ticket and campaign card
 , please redeem it in advance at Yoyogi Lodge LIVE or street live, or receive it on the
 day of “KIMIKA 4th anniversary LIVE ‘Beautiful Tears'”.

Campaign overview

■ Campaign period
September 10, 2022 to November 7, 2022

■ Limited NFTs
You can get 5 types of NFTs in total.
By rearranging the collected NFT keywords, the title of the new song is completed.

■ How to participate in the campaign
① First, please purchase a ticket.
There are two types, student discount and general, but you can participate in the campaign regardless of which one you purchase!

② Get NFT from
the QR code at the bottom Access the QR code at the bottom of the campaign card and receive the gift NFT item for the ticket purchaser! Three types of NFT items will be distributed to everyone by the 4th anniversary live, and you can receive all three types with one ticket.

One of the free distribution NFTs
“[4th Anniversary Live Memorial NFT] Beautiful Tears – R”

③ Support KIMIKA’s activities and get a secret NFT Those
who come to support KIMIKA’s street performances until the day of the 4th anniversary live will receive an additional NFT! By stacking KIMIKA’s secret card and campaign card, the UnisonQR at the top of the ticket is completed, and you can get NFT items by reading the QR code!
Two types of NFTs distributed by UnisonQR will be distributed by the 4th anniversary live.

⑤ When all NFTs are completed…! ?
If you complete 5 types of 3 types of free distribution and 2 types of UnisonQR distribution, you can get secret information about KIMIKA’s new song!

■ Conditions for participating in the campaign
・Purchased any ticket with NFT of “KIMIKA 4th Anniversary LIVE ”Beautiful Tears””
・Persons who have or created a “HINATA” account

What is Unison QR?

The card held by the ticket purchaser (left) and
the card held by the artist (right)
A QR code is completed by stacking two cards!

 FUWARI Co., Ltd., which operates “HINATA”, is a patent pending QR code “completed by overlapping multiple QR codes”.

 The user side has a QR code printed on a card or ticket, and by overlapping the QR code printed on another card there, one QR code is completed and can be read.
 The characteristic of “directly meeting and layering” can provide an experience that combines real and digital, and will be a new communication between users and artists. In addition, you can create various ways to enjoy, such as collecting QRs that overlap like a treasure hunt.

 In the future, UnisonQR not only has infinite possibilities in the world of music and entertainment as a fusion of digital experiences such as NFT and Metaverse and real experiences such as LIVE venues and theaters, but also has various ideas such as shopping promotion. Utilization will spread in various business scenes.

 We will continue to propose experiences using UnisonQR, so please look forward to it!


“From #Shibuya to the world”

KIMIKA, an artist who is attracting attention now, has worked as an apparel clerk in Shibuya 109 and performed with Lady Gaga.
With his delicate, husky, high-tone voice and wide range of vocals, he works in a genreless manner. I want to be by your side as the soundtrack of life. An artist who delivers various forms of cheering songs with such feelings.

In 2018, he won the stardom audition for the movie “Aly / A Star is Born” sponsored by LINE LIVE. She had a touching meeting with Lady Gaga in Las Vegas, and the scene where Gaga cried to KIMIKA’s song became a hot topic on TV.

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