6 Recommended NFT Marketplaces! Tips on how to choose and use

Official | 2022.04.04

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When purchasing and trading NFTs, it is common to use the NFT Marketplace.

But to be honest, there are so many marketplaces these days that it’s hard to find the right one. In this article, we introduce 6 recommended NFT marketplaces in Japan and overseas. It also explains how to choose and use the NFT marketplace, so please refer to it.

1. What is NFT Marketplace?

An NFT marketplace is a place where NFTs can be purchased or traded between users.

Simply put,

・Purchase from creators (primary distribution): Amazon, Rakuten, etc.
・Transactions between users (secondary distribution): Mercari, Jimoty, etc.

It refers to a place dedicated to NFT that combines

It is common to use crypto assets (virtual currency) when buying and selling. Also, many NFT platforms charge a fee called a gas fee for each transaction.

The NFT Marketplace also has the feature that you can issue NFTs by uploading the digital data you have on hand.

(1) What is NFT in the first place?

NFT is a technology that prevents falsification and duplication by using the blockchain technology used for virtual currency. In order to increase the scarcity of digital data, there are often cases where NFT digital data is traded at a high price.

2. NFT Marketplace recommended 6 selection comparison table

Please take a look at the characteristics of 6 recommended NFT marketplaces.

Works handled
Main crypto assets
(virtual currencies) that can be used
Dealing with the Japanese Yen

Recommended for
people like this
Digital works of traditional crafts ,
digital art,
games, etc.
Not supported
(will be supported sequentially)
Sales fee:
Please contact us
Payment fee: 3%
(when paying by credit card)
Correspondence・People who do not have virtual currency
・People who want to purchase with credit card payment
NFT (β version)
Metaverse land
NFT game items
, etc.
Sales fee: 10% Shipping
incompatible・Those who have a Coincheck account
・Those who have created a Metamask wallet
Adam by
Digital art,
music NFT, etc.
ETHSales fee: 5%
Settlement fee: 3%
(when paying by credit card)
Transfer fee:
300 yen
(when trading Japanese yen)
(credit card &
bank transfer)
・People who create Metamask Wallet
・People who want to pay in Japanese Yen
OpenSeaDigital art,
Web3 domains, etc.
Sales commission: 2.5%incompatible・People who want overseas NFT
RaribleDigital art,
NFT game items
, etc.
Sales commission: 2.5%incompatible・People who want overseas NFT
SolanartDigital art,
NFT game items
, etc.
SUNSales commission: 3.0%incompatible・People who want Solana chain NFT

3. [Domestic] 3 selected NFT marketplaces

The domestic NFT marketplace tends to sell many NFTs for Japanese people. It is suitable for people who have never bought an NFT or who are not very familiar with NFT.

In this article, we will introduce the following three recommended domestic NFT marketplaces.

・Adam by GMO


HINATA is an NFT marketplace provided by FUWARI Co., Ltd. The concept is not just a place where you can trade NFT works, but also the story of the work and the thoughts of the creators, “a platform where you can have meaningful exchanges with fans”.

HINATA also uses “HAZAMA” developed by IndieSquare Inc. Because of its unique blockchain technology, HINATA is characterized by “no gas costs” and “low power consumption” unlike conventional NFT platforms.

In addition, legal currency can be used, and the login method is an ID and password instead of a private key, so the usage hurdles are low, making it suitable for those who are new to NFT trading.

Marketplace nameHINATA
feature・Payments can be made in Japanese yen
・Use of a unique blockchain
 eliminates gas costs (low usage fees)
・Easy account creation
Recommended for people like this・People who do not have virtual currency
・People who want to use ID and password instead of wallet
Official URLhttps://hinata-nft.com/lp/01

The detailed features of HINATA are summarized in the following article. If you don’t mind, please take a look.

(2) Coincheck NFT (β version)

CoincheckNFT (β version) is an NFT marketplace launched in March 2021 by Coincheck, a major domestic exchange. Compared to other NFT platforms, more cryptocurrency payments are possible.

Suitable for those who already hold cryptocurrencies with Coincheck.

Marketplace nameCoincheck NFT (beta version)
feature・You can purchase Metaverse and NFT game items
・Coincheck, the largest service in Japan
・Supports many cryptocurrencies
Recommended for people like this・Those who have a Coincheck account
・Those who have created a Metamask wallet
Official URLhttps://coincheck.com/en/

(3) Adam by GMO

Adam by GMO is an NFT marketplace launched in August 2021 by GMO Adam, Inc., a consolidated company of GMO Financial Holdings, Inc. In addition to martial arts fighters and famous Youtubers, works by many manga artists and illustrators are exhibited and sold.

A marketplace for people who want celebrity-related NFTs.

Marketplace nameAdam by GMO
feature・A lot of celebrity NFTs are sold.
・It supports many types of NFTs such as music and trading cards.
・Credit card payment is possible.
Recommended for people like this・People who want to pay in Japanese yen ・People who
want celebrity NFT
Official URLhttps://adam.jp/

4. [Overseas] 3 selected NFT marketplaces

Next, we will introduce three overseas NFT marketplaces.

NFTs were originally popular overseas, and transactions are more active than Japanese platforms. Recommended for those who want NFTs that are not available in the domestic NFT marketplace.

In this article, we will introduce the following three.


(1) OpenSea

OpenSea is the world’s largest NFT marketplace, launched in December 2017. We handle various NFTs such as art, game items, and music from all over the world.

It is a marketplace for those who want world-famous NFTs.

Marketplace nameOpenSea
feature・The world’s best NFT marketplace
・A wide variety of NFTs are traded
・There is an auction function
Recommended for people like this・People who want NFTs that are popular in the world
・People who are creating Metamask wallets
Official URLhttps://opensea.io/

(2) Rarible

Rarible is an NFT marketplace that started service in 2020 based in the United States.

It is characterized by exhibiting a large number of virtual currency domains. Using a cryptocurrency domain simplifies NFT trading, and it is even possible to buy and sell cryptocurrencies themselves.

Suitable for those who want a virtual currency domain.

Marketplace nameRarible
feature・A wide variety of NFTs are traded
・Invested by major overseas funds
・You can buy NFTs that you cannot buy on OpenSea
Recommended for people like this・People who want overseas NFTs that are not sold on OpenSea
・People who are creating Metamask wallets
Official URLhttps://rarible.com/

(3) Solanart

Solanart is an NFT marketplace operated by Media Network. It is suitable for those who are concerned about fees because it is compatible with the Solana blockchain and gas prices are low.

Marketplace nameSolanart
feature・NFTs from the Solana chain can be purchased
・Lower fees (gas costs) than the above two marketplaces
・Compatible with Phantom Wallet
Recommended for people like this・People who want Solana chain NFT
・People who want to pay less fees
Official URLhttps://solanart.io/

5. How to choose an NFT marketplace

So far, we have introduced six NFT platforms, but in the end it is difficult to decide which one to choose. I will introduce how to choose the NFT marketplace that suits you.

  • Check fees

Many NFT marketplaces charge a fee called a gas fee when trading. If it is an Ethereum chain, the fee alone may cost more than 10,000 yen. Of course, high gas bills are not necessarily bad, but you should check before using so that you don’t lose money without realizing it.

  • Check Supported Currencies

Check if the marketplace supports Japanese yen or crypto assets (Ethereum, Solana, etc.). For crypto assets, you need to prepare a wallet (wallet for crypto assets).

  • See types of NFTs handled

Depending on the marketplace, the products handled differ, such as those that specialize in game items, and those that specialize in art and illustrations. Don’t forget to check it because it’s not only when you want to buy it, but it also makes it easier to sell.

6. Tips for using the NFT Marketplace

Finally, here are three tips for using the NFT platform.

  • read the terms of use in advance

Each NFT platform has different rules. If you read carefully before trading, you will be less likely to get into trouble.

  • beware of fraud

When connecting to the NFT platform, we recommend that you connect from a reliable source URL instead of Google search. Although it is rare, advertisements of fraudulent sites may rise to the top of search results. If you connect to a fraudulent site, your NFTs and cryptocurrencies may be stolen. Connect with caution.

  • If there is a problem, contact management immediately.

In the event of a problem, please contact management immediately. If you explain how the problem occurred, they may be able to take action. It is important to check the contact information for management (email, telegram, etc.) before using the service.

7. HINATA is the place to buy and sell NFTs

NFT is a cutting-edge technology, and the market is expected to grow in the future. We hope that this article will pique your interest in the world of NFTs.

Also, if you are new to NFT or do not have virtual currency (Bitcoin or Ethereum), we recommend the NFT platform “HINATA”. HINATA allows transactions in Japanese Yen, and it is easy to create an account. Let’s touch NFT from HINATA.


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