Make the life turning point of a job offer a lifetime souvenir with NFT! Efforts of “Manmaru Pharmacy” that actively incorporates the latest technology into welfare programs

Document | 2022.04.05

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“Manmaru Pharmacy” takes on new challenges one after another in the pharmacy industry. In particular, the medical industry is an industry where the latest technology and DX are behind. We interviewed him about why he decided to use NFT this time, along with actual use cases.

Converting informal offer letter to NFT, the first case in Japan

ーーCould you tell us why you decided to convert the informal offer letter into NFT this time?

Matsuoka) The trigger was that there was an enthusiastic soccer fan among the job offers this year. I used to be a professional soccer player, and I have an acquaintance who is a soccer player. It all started when I thought that I would be very happy if I could receive words of encouragement from athletes when I received a job offer.

ーーThat’s amazing! It’s an idea that doesn’t come out normally, and I feel the entertainment spirit of how to please the people who come in from now on!

Matsuoka) Thank you. What I always feel is that while the medical industry and medical professionals are highly specialized, they tend to be left behind by the trends of the world. New technologies are appearing in the world at a dizzying pace, and in the midst of changes in methods and ways of thinking, I feel that I want people to always be exposed to new things so as not to be left behind.

If you can get a message from a player you admire in the letter of offer, it will be a lifetime memorial for that person, and it will be something that you want to keep forever, so this is the topic of NFT these days. I thought it would be very compatible.

ーーI see. Certainly, the digital data that will be commemorated goes well with NFT.

Matsuoka) Yes. It is impossible to falsify and can be left semi-permanently, and it is possible to write an explanation along with the date.

Moreover, if Manmaru Pharmacy becomes a representative pharmacy in Japan and an impact on the medical industry in the future, the value of that NFT will inevitably increase.

ーーCertainly, NFT is not only a souvenir, but also has the aspect of being able to preserve the correct history, so the more famous the pharmacy that issued the unofficial offer and the person who issued the unofficial offer, the more famous that NFT will be. will be very valuable!

For example, if there were documents left when Nobunaga took Hideyoshi, it would be of immeasurable value in modern times.

Matsuoka) That’s an interesting analogy lol Nobunaga may give a bad impression, but if both the hiring side and the person being hired are a person who will go down in history, I think that NFT will be a great value in this case. increase.

We are in an era where new value is being created with such new technology, so we are not talking about making a profit from it. I did.

ーーThat’s right. It’s a difficult area to understand, so I feel that it’s very important to try everything first. The attitude of taking on new challenges is wonderful.

Anything else you’d like to try in the future?

ーーAre there any other things you would like to try besides the job offer letter?

Matsuoka) Yes. This time, the offer letter was for new employees, so I would like the members who are already working to actively experience the new technology.

Recently, I have been consulting with “HINATA” about employee ID cards.

Also, NFTs are compatible with art and illustrations, so I’m thinking of trying to convey what home medical care and home-visit pharmacies are through comics and illustrations. I hope that by using this hot topic technology, we will be able to reach as many people as possible with what we are doing, and that it will lead to solutions to their problems.

The job offer letter was also rushed this time, so I’d like to try it with a cooler design from the next time onwards lol

ーーThank you. The NFT initiative, which is the first example in the pharmacy industry, will continue to keep an eye on. We will continue to inform you about our efforts with Manmaru Pharmacy from time to time.

Manmaru Pharmacy

Delivering people’s hearts to people Hitotofrom Co., Ltd., which runs Manmaru Pharmacy, continues to focus on people’s hearts.

We cherish the heart that is transmitted from person to person.
I don’t understand people’s hearts.
But we can deliver our hearts.
I’m seriously thinking about it.
Love, sincerity, peace of mind, gratitude, and compassion that simply doesn’t do what people don’t like.

Sending hearts from person to person. We believe that this is our social mission.


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