Regarding commercial use and derivative works of Ryukyu Bingata artist Yuka Aragaki’s “Bingata works” NFT

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Text by Hinata official

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In the commercial use and derivative works of “Bingata works” NFT images (hereinafter referred to as “Bingata images”) provided by Ryukyu Bingata artist Yuka Aragaki (hereinafter referred to as “Artist”), the use of Bingata images is subject to compliance with these Terms of Use. – Bingata images can be used for the following processing and purposes without any time limit, regardless of commercial use.

Ryukyu Bingata Artist Yuka Aragaki “Bingata” NFT Terms of Use

<Compliance matters>

  1. Use bingata images at a resolution appropriate for the purpose of use
  2. Creating new image data based on bingata images

<License matters>

  1. Creating real objects such as paintings and sculptures based on Bingata images
  2. Posting Bingata images on SNS or websites
  3. Incorporating Bingata images into designs or productions, or adding text to Bingata images or performing simple compositions, etc.
  4. Incorporating Bingata images as part of publications, films, videos, television programs, advertisements, or other multimedia productions;
  5. Incorporating and manufacturing a processed Bingata image as part of a product
  6. Selling and distributing products and data created and manufactured under the above conditions.

〈Licensing fee〉

  1. When using the purchased Bingata images to produce and sell products licensed above, 5% of the sales will be paid to the artist as a licensing fee.
  2. Reports on license fees paid to artists must be made at the end of each month starting from the month sales of the product begin.

<Prohibited matter>

The following are prohibited matters when using Bingata images.

  1. Selling and distributing Bingata images in their unprocessed state other than on the platform of the marketplace “HINATA” operated by FUWARI Co., Ltd.
  2. Allowing a third party to use the Bingata image in its unprocessed state online.
  3. Use with content that is obscene or contrary to public order and morals
  4. Use in the sex industry, pornography, adult content, dating sites, or similar
  5. Use related to anti-social forces as defined in Article 2 of the Act on Prevention of Unjust Acts by Organized Crime Group Members
  6. Defamation of the author’s reputation, loss of credibility, slander, infringement of rights, and other uses that lead to or may cause disrepute to the author.
  7. Using Bingata images in any business or service that competes with the artist and FUWARI Co., Ltd.
  8. Loading and distributing content on “material collections” such as CDs, DVDs, software, etc.
  9. Printing Bingata images and distributing them as materials
  10. Distributing Bingata images in a format that allows end users to freely process them as materials.

Even if it does not fall under the above prohibitions, if the author or FUWARI Co., Ltd. deems the method of use inappropriate, please refrain from using it, or if you are already using it, please stop using it. You must to do something before you go on. In this case, the user shall be obliged to follow the judgment of the artist and FUWARI Co., Ltd.

If you are unsure whether the above prohibitions apply or not, or if you wish to use the product beyond the scope of this article, please contact FUWARI Co., Ltd.
Contact: info@hinata-nft.com




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